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    Orbs Explained By a Photographer


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    Orbs Explained By a Photographer

    Post  Admin on Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:57 am

    This is a typical "ghost orb" picture that many people believe are actual spirits trying to communicate in some way. These are NOT spirits but simply photographic artefacts.

    Orbs are photographic artefacts – specifically bits of airborne dust, water droplets, insects etc. caught in the flash of a camera. They appear out of focus because they are so close to the lens of the camera in an area called ‘The orb zone’ which is between the camera lens and the ‘point of focus’ in a photograph (namely the object you are taking a photo of, such as a person.)

    When the flash of a camera goes off it will reflect off of the airborne artefacts in ‘the orb zone’ and the position between the lens and the ‘point of focus’ will cause the light reflection to appear as a circle of confusion.

    An orb is what a professional photographer would call a circle of confusion, an out of focus highlight in the photo. When you take a photograph that has out of focus objects in it you will notice that the out of focus objects don’t just go fuzzy – they turn into small overlapping circles of light and the larger the circle, the fainter it is, because the light is more spread out until eventually the circles will become so large and faint that they disappear all together.

    This could explain why some orbs appear larger and fainter than others rather than the idea that the spirit orb is further away from the camera. To confuse an artefact in front of a camera lens for a spirit manifestation is an easy mistake to make if you are not a professional photographer.

    An additional source of orbs is cheap optics that have stray light. If you use cheap optics, take a photo of a naked light bulb, you will quite often find an orb that is at an optical fold in another part of the picture.


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