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    The ghost in the hall


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    The ghost in the hall

    Post  SophieLind on Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:57 pm

    I have been in a house that had a residual haunting. At first I didn't know what it was, but I soon found out.

    When I was young my bedroom was upstairs and the very last room down the hall. I had always felt spooked in my own room, which is why I didn't spend much time there, only when I had too, and all ways with the lights on. One night at about 10pm, I was heading up stairs to go to bed, as I turned the hallway light on I suddenly seen a lady with a old blue flowered dress walk into my room.

    I was stunned and rushed down stairs to get my dad. I had him check my room for me, and as I thought. There wasn't a lady in the room. I was upset because my dad didn't believe me. So all I could do was leave the light on and sleep. I had trouble sleeping that night but did not see the woman again.

    Two days later I again walked up the stairs at 10pm to go to bed, and yet again I saw the lady walking away from me and then walking into my room, this time I yelled for my dad. He wasn't to happy about me, but I didn't want to move so the lady would have time to leave the room. My dad stormed up the stairs and into the room, again no lady was there. I was frustrated.

    My dad and I had a long talk about it. At first he didn't believe me or wanted to believe me, but he at least acted like he did. I told him that this is twice I saw the lady going to bed. Then it hit me, the two time I seen the lady was at 10pm. So I told my dad that in order for him to believe me that he had to come up with me at 10 pm the next night and maybe he will see the woman. The next night at 10pm we walked up the stairs together, but I was disappointed, we didn't see the women. We did this for the Next week, then finally at the end of the week, me and my father walked up the stairs and we both seen the lady go into the room. My father was speechless and walked slowly into my room, and again the lady was not there.

    He was paranoid and didn't let me sleep in my room for the next two months. We seen the lady several times at about the same time. My father got curious and started video taping the hallway and doing some research.

    My father thought he ad something one night when he saw the lady again walking down the hallway, but this time he had a video recorder pointing down the hallway. He was kind of excited when he thought he might have it on video, but when he checked it, there wasn't anything on the video, nothing....

    After a while of watch and researching, we found it to be a Residual haunting, and no harm was present. The lady just kept doing the same thing at the same time, all though it wasn't in constant nights, it was random. She walked the same way and went into my room every time. My father and I learned to live with it, so I moved back into the room.

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