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    Amanda - The Haunted Doll


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    Amanda - The Haunted Doll

    Post  Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:31 am

    Amanda the real haunted doll now lives unhappily in Atlanta, Georgia. She has moved around quite a lot since originally being a haunted doll sold on eBay over 3 years ago. This Haunted Doll is not a child's toy or a cuddly plaything you would want for your child says Atlanta Paranormal Investigator Reggie Jacobs. The doll has passed through many peoples lives and all say this is the real haunted doll of all haunted dolls. Bisque-headed dolls such as this one were favorite playthings in years gone by, but today they may be too valuable to play with or too, too haunted.

    This particular haunted dolls face was designed by Heinrich Handwerck, but since 1885 the bisque heads used on their creations have been made by the famous Simon & Halbig Company of Grafenhain, Thuringia, Germany, which was founded in 1869. Many of the heads found on Heinrich Handwerck dolls actually bear the "Simon Halbig" name impressed into the porcelain, but this particular example does not.

    Amanda's recent life can originally be traced back to Ebay but no further then that. Since she was sold 3 years ago she has been bought sold traded and given away more times then can be counted on two hands. The ghost that is said to possess her is very active if she does not like you . If she is happy then she just sits there staring into space. But when she is ready to move on she begins to wreck havoc in the home she resides in until she is once again sent on her way.

    Amanda has been known to move on her own and often heard scratching on the glass class she is now housed in. Others have told of bad luck associated once the doll came into their lives. One owner told the story of how the doll seemed to be often moved to different places in her home though she lived alone.


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